Band-aid Mustache

Open Scrimmage was pretty excellent this past weekend. My boyfriend (J) came to watch me for the first time, so I did have hopes of being particularly awesome and impressive for his benefit. When you tell people that you do something physical or aggressive like roller derby, they have a way of automatically assuming that you’re completely amazing at it, and that you can crush your enemies in the blink of an eye, or kill people with your left pinky toe. It’s hard not to want to live up to that at least a little. 😉

It was also my first open scrimmage since returning from a knee injury, so that made a little nerve-wracking. A couple of months ago, I damaged my MCL and foolishly continued to skate on it for a few weeks, until my leg felt so unstable that I finally had to admit to myself that there was a problem. I had to take a few weeks off to give my leg time to heal, so that meant no running, no jumping, and definitely no skating. I’ve back on for a few practices with a hinged knee brace, but I haven’t taken a lot of hits yet, so scrimmage? Yikes.

Everything turned out fine, though, and my knee held up fine. I didn’t think I did particularly well overall–my head wasn’t in the game and my legs were oddly tired–but people said I looked good out there, so I’m just going to assume they’re right and stop being hard on myself. Or at least try to be, anyway.

I also took a pretty spectacular spill during the co-ed hour. See, the thing about skating with dudes is that, well, they’re kind of tall, and that means their shoulders and hips aren’t at the same level as a lady’s. That can be handy for giving hip checks, but not-so-handy when a guy throws a shoulder check right in your face.

I went down, and actually rolled, in the action-movie-Captain-Kirk sort of way, and I’m sure looked pretty exciting from the outside, but it didn’t exactly feel great. It wasn’t particularly painful, though, so I got up and started to skate again… only to realize a moment later that my face was bleeding! Heh. It was just a scrape on my upper-lip, but I had to stop after the jam ended to clean it up. Then, I grabbed a mini-band-aid from the first-aid kit, and rocked a band-aid mustache for the rest of the co-ed hour.

My face started bleeding again after I washed my face this morning, so it’s going to be a band-aid mustache kind of week, apparently. 😉


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