Season 6 Championships!

Well, that was a completely exhausting weekend, but at least some of my sweat and tears this past weekend yielded good things and cash money: I’m a professional photographer, and I recently started doing the occasional bit of local coverage for an arts and entertainment web site. They’d actually pegged this year’s league championships as an event they wanted me to shoot, so J (as writer) and I (as photographer) covered the roller derby championships on Saturday, and the Portland Pride Parade on Sunday.

Aside from the mildly annoying request from the editors for more photos of random idiots mugging for the camera at future events, it all went well. J had vague concern about us working together and potentially affecting our personal relationship, but the gigs are sporadic enough, and our roles are discrete enough, that I’m not concerned. He’s responsible, self-motivated, and good at what he does, and he’s unfailingly respectful towards my work. As in, enough so to say he’s honored that I’d trust him to write good and appropriate content to go with my photos. D’awww.

I also have to give J props for writing a great piece. Not a lot of people who’d normally visit this web site are going to know what derby is, and J not only reported on it like the legitimate sport it is, but actually explained how the game works. I love that he did that. I have to admit, it was pretty cool to find out that he already liked roller derby before we’d even met, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be with somebody who respects the sport and supports me in it.

I actually got some pretty excellent action shots at the bout–the lighting at the Expo beats the hell out of what’s at the Hangar, and the overall atmosphere was more dramatic and exciting than that of the Coliseum–but I keep coming back to this shot as my favorite. It was a really fun bout to watch, and the High Rollers put up a fantastic fight, but The Betties played a serious-business game with strong teamwork, and I think they surprised and impressed everyone there. Nice work, ladies. šŸ™‚



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