No Breaks

So the league has been on break since Championships, and normal practices are finally starting back up. I didn’t want a break, though, and I knew I had a lot to work on. (then again, who doesn’t? There’s always *something* to work on) SO, I’ve basically spent the break working my butt off.

I did have to miss a couple of practices due to my photography work, but I went to almost all of them, and started doing Hit To Fit thanks to one of our sponsors, and that workout is made of rainbows and magic. Well, rainbows and magic in the form of beatings, but yeah, it’s fast, and it totally works. I noticed a difference after only a few weeks.

I also was recently informed that I’m being laid off from my job, which is, um, weird. But in a way, it’s kind of a relief. I’d been working a full-time job, working my own business on the side, AND doing derby, and it was an awful, stressful struggle trying to juggle all of those things. And, you know, there are things I also enjoy doing, like seeing my friends, or going on adventures with my awesome boyfriend.

So, yeah, I don’t love the uncertainty of not having a regular paycheck, but I do like having the time to focus on things that I love and am excited about. I can do derby, I can make my business grow, and I won’t always have to say No when derby friends and non-derby friends invite me out to things. That sounds really nice.

This is definitely not going to be a break, though. Running your own business is a crapton of work, and derby is a huge commitment. But, when you really want something, you don’t always want a break. 🙂


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