Well, I started getting sick not long after posting that last one. I probably should’ve paid more attention to that Not-100% feeling I had during scrimmage, eh?

I missed Endurance on Sunday, even though I really wanted to go, after having such a great time on Saturday. And because of that, I argued with myself all afternoon yesterday about going to Guns ‘N’ Rollers practice, but I tossed around a frisbee for a little while with some friends yesterday, and that tiny bit of activity wore me out. Skating hard didn’t sound like the greatest idea, so I wound up staying home in favor of a nap, and then later passing out again for 10+ hours.

One of the worst things about being sick is wanting to do physical things, but knowing that you shouldn’t. I know that staying home yesterday was the “smart” thing to do, but I’m not exactly thrilled about it. Being active has become a pretty massive part of how I keep balanced and happy in general, and when you’re that kind of person, it’s even harder to talk yourself into giving up skate time. It’s hard to tell where the physical ailments end and the mental discontent of inactivity begins. I’m getting pretty damned antsy.

And, here I am again, still feeling awful and debating going to Betties practice tonight. I’m not sure I’m going to do the “smart” thing today.


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