Like Can Lead To Like-Like…

For the first, oh, eight months or so of my time on Fresh Meat, my relationship with derby was best described as the love-hate kind. Hell, that’s probably putting it mildly–for a good few of those months, derby punched me in the emotional (and physical) gut so often that I wanted to scream, throw my hands up and walk away.

Even once I got past that, though, it was pretty grueling. I’m kind of a stressmonkey, so working full-time, running my own side business, AND doing derby was enough to make me crazy. Things got easier once I finally gave up Wushu in June (after 7 1/2 years!), but I was still silently grateful for the occasional cancelled practice, or brief bit of respite from the grind.

Maybe it’s the fact that my side-business is now my full-time job, and I have that thing they call, “free time,” more often than I used to, but the love-hate seems to be evaporating. Practices are suddenly seeming too short, and my mind dwells longingly on the next scrimmage, the next practice.

Derby, I think I’ve finally accepted you, warts (or bunions?) and all. It’s all love here, y’all.


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