Since the webcast feed for Nightmare on 95 crapped out on me, I’ll use this time to briefly gripe about the thing everyone in the derbyverse is griping about: Dutchland beating Maine to advance to the next round, and then forfeiting their second bout against Gotham.

Over-the-top rage on the Intertubes aside, in what universe does a forfeit constitute a strategy? A forfeit during tournament play is not a step towards being taken seriously as a sport, and it reeks of unpreparedness. I mean, the Chicago Cubs have sucked since the dawn of time, but do they forfeit their games? (unrelated: Go Go Wht. Sx.) Strategy usually involves, y’know, playing the actual game. Strategy is not taking your marbles and going home.

Because of this excellent, “strategy,” Dutchland gets to wake up tomorrow and play for Fifth Place in the East Region, but they won’t be that cheeky, upstart squad who gave it their all against the Gotham juggernaut. They’ll be the weenies who walked away with their tails between their legs. Totally un-sexy.

I’m pretty amazed that Dutchland thought this maneuver would get any response that wasn’t negative. Derby fans want to see derby, and derby players want to play it. Isn’t that what we’re all here for?

And in conclusion: Dutchland, I AM DISAPPOINT.

(and yes, I should probably be working instead of watching/blogging derby. Ssshhh.)


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