Jammer Hat

Random bullet-y points from the weekend:

  • Scrimmage is so damned fun.
  • Doing it the morning after a late night of drinking is, well, less so. (does whiskey give anyone else heartburn? Ick. Never again.)
  • Team skaters, come skate with the Freshies more often. I’m pretty sure we all love it when you do. ❤
  • I have a not-so-secret love for the Jammer hat. I should probably learn to be okay with that.
  • Blocking has also become super-fun. Blocking is more work for my brain meats than jamming, and I’m enjoying that fact.
  • I have an ever-increasing appreciation for skaters who are outstanding at communication on the track. Can I be like that when I grow up?
  • It feels funny to be out at brunch with visiting friends and tell them that you’re, “checking your scores,” when the closest you usually come to being a Sports Fan is going to the occasional baseball game with your dad. Thank you, WFTDA East Region Playoffs!
  • I also have a not-so-secret love for endurance, and also for the Oaks floor. There’s something incredibly peaceful about just doing laps on that varnished wood.
  • Did I mention the drinking thing? Jesus christ, NO MORE BEER. Well, at least not until the Regionals afterparties. XD

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