YOU GUYS. It’s Besterns Time!

After weeks of planning, anticipation, setup, and rolling out more quick-turnaround web site updates than I care to admit, IT IS TIME: Bridgetown Brawl starts TODAY. In fact, it already has, with Sacred City and Jet City advancing to the next round.

I’m a sad panda and am working at my desk instead of screaming my head off at bouts today, but at least I’m coding to the sweet, sweet sounds of derby on the free live stream. (speaking of, Blaze Streaming Media has been capturing some pretty sweet coverage of the Big 5, haven’t they?) I will beam all the positive mojo I can muster through the interwebs during the early-evening bout between RCR and B.A.D. (not that they need it, or anything. Our WOJ girls are superheroes on wheels, after all.)

This weekend, pretty much everything I do will be geeky or derby-related, heh:

  • Tonight, J and I will be seeing The Doubleclicks–an adorable local geek girl band–at The Waypost. (yes, that is after the bouts end)
  • Tomorrow morning, I’m going to open scrimmage on concrete floor, which should be, er, interesting.
  • I also have FLOOR ACCESS at Regionals tomorrow, so I’m going to go there, watch bouts, and shoot some amazing derby.
  • Then, I think there’ll be a stopover at the afterparty, and we’re going to catch the late show at geek burlesque, and I’ll probably turn into a pumpkin after that. I’m an old lady.
  • Sunday, I’m working a vendor booth for a couple of hours, and then I’m photographing fan coverage at Regionals for that other web site I shoot for.

It’s time to DO ALL THE THINGS. Woo!


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