It’s so hard

Depending on the day, I wear the hat of a derby player, a derby photographer, and/or a derby fan. Usually, it’s only one at a time, but today? It’s ALL THREE, and it’s making me a little crazy.

Derby Player went to Open Scrimmage this morning, and had a great time skating with girls from not-Portland. Derby Photographer groaned to herself about not heading right over to the Coliseum after scrimmage to shoot Rat vs. Rocky, but I felt less bad about that during the first half. (skaters standing around isn’t super-photogenic. We’re here to see/play roller derby!)

Derby Fan is currently fighting with Derby Photographer about whether to shoot or watch the WoJ vs. Oly bout later today. I can’t exactly scream my head off while I’m on the floor shooting.

Oh yeah, and I’ve taken to keeping the Intertubes updated on scores and such, too.

That said, floor access during tournament play is possibly THE BEST EVER.


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