Final tally of roles I played over Bridgetown Brawl weekend: Photographer, Webmaster, Social Media Point-person, Sponsor Booth Volunteer, Derby Fangirl, and Open Scrimmage Player. I think may officially be too many hats to wear in one weekend, but it was kick-in-the-pants fun wearing them. (and, you know? There are at least a few people from Rose City who had twice that many things to juggle.)

I feel compelled to apologize to my derby friends for the following:

  • having my eyeballs glued to my iPhone when I should’ve been talking with you (I was probably posting scores to the BTB Facebook)
  • being an exhausted sack of lethargy on Sunday (who has two thumbs and can only play the extrovert for so long? THIS GIRL.)
  • being an old lady and not coming to the afterparty (I fully intend make up for it at Nationals. Well, assuming I can go… road trip, anyone?)


On the plus side?

  • WOJ playing one hell of a game against Oly. They were pretty amazing all weekend, actually.
  • having floor access during the aforementioned WOJ vs Oly bout. (OH MY GOD. The energy was beyond all possible expression.)
  • nerding out with other derby photographers.
  • writing off my ticket for Saturday as a business expense.
  • playing derby on concrete with cool girls at Open Scrimmage. (some of whom bouted later in the day. Serious respect points for the ladies from Denver and Sacred who came!)
  • getting paid cash money to take photos of derby and derby fans.
  • watching some truly epic derby with my awesome boyfriend.

Oh, and I totally got Dumptruck to pose for my camera while wearing a sparkly silver unitard. Bwahaha. (not that it took a lot of convincing, or anything, heh.)


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