Yep, that’s pretty much what I feel like doing right now.

Short version is, I’m cleaning up my diet, a thing that I’ve been procrastinating on for the past few months. I’ve been way too busy for my own good, but now that draft is over, and I can’t skate, I really have no good excuse to put it off any longer. My primary goal right now is to lay off of the sugar, scale it back on refined flour, and generally not eat out as often, because the grab-and-go coffee shop menus aren’t doing me any favors.

See, I know how to lose weight and maintain it–I used to weigh upwards of 230 pounds, before the sports bug bit me, so I’ve done it before. However, doing so in a way that’s actually sustainable with my lifestyle? That’s hard, especially when you run your own business, skate or cross-train six days a week, volunteer for derby, attempt to have a social life outside of derby, have a boyfriend who lives across town, own a house, have six roommates to manage…

…feh. Point being, there’s a litany of excuses I could toss out there, but excuses won’t help you get where you want to go. Well, unless that place is one that involves having a much squishier body.

I MISS YOU, DELICIOUS BAKED GOODS. Hopefully, I won’t miss you so badly tomorrow.


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