Fast Rehab?

Since getting hurt, I’ve been using my powers of Google kung-fu to read up on healing ankle sprains, and I ran across a site that claims you can heal an ankle sprain in 7-10 days, rather than waiting weeks or months. That sounded pretty radical, especially after having the doctor give me the old R.I.C.E. formula when he checked over my ankle just a couple of days ago.

Some of the theory makes sense to me, though. I know from past injuries that strengthening the muscles around a joint is super-important to preventing re-injury, and doing physical therapy exercise to correct muscle imbalances can also be a huge help with that, too. Still, the idea of going back to sports too soon is pretty terrifying, for all the reasons I’ve already outlined.

SO, I’m polling the audience: does fast rehab sound safe to you, or would you swear by R.I.C.E. for life?


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