Officially Officiating

So, I spent all of yesterday in bed with a fever. AGAIN. My immune system proudly sails the FailBoat, ladies and gentlemen. I’m back to work today, so I’m quasi-functional, but my better judgment says I shouldn’t skate, so I have to skip my private lesson this afternoon. SIGH.

I AM working an NSO position at an actual bout for the first time, though. I’ve been wanting to get NSO-trained for the past several months now, but there’s been a massive lack of NSO training opportunities, so I’ve done exactly one training. And that was at an Open Scrimmage with a very, *very* small ref crew, even.

They’re short-handed enough that they’re willing to put me on a supposedly-easy position and basically train me on-the-job. Outside whiteboard is, apparently, going to be that position. I’m pleasantly surprised at the fact that I’m able to find how-to resources for this position via The Intertubes, but seriously, guys. Am I in over my head, here?

It’s a good thing I’m not all hopped-up on cold medicine. Wooooo!


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