Derby Hipster

I’m still pretty damned heartbroken about Championships. BUT, that said, I love our WOJ ladies, and they’ll bring an even more amazing game to the table next year. I’m going to just leave it at that.


You might’ve heard that SureGrip is introducing their new DA45 Avenger plates, and oh man, DO WANT.

If you read the info about them, you’ll see them mention the DA45 Magnum plates they were based upon. I’m actually skating on Magnum plates, because I needed some plates for the schmancy Bont boots I ordered, but I didn’t have much of a budget. The guy building out my skates had a set of Magnum plates that he parted with for cheap, and he mounted them to the Bonts. We had to modify my toe stops to ensure that there’d be enough clearance for the wheels. That’s because, when Magnums were still in production, the wheels that were being manufactured were smaller than what we skate on today.

The Bonts didn’t end up fitting my feet well (likely because I have huge, WIDE feet and possible screwed up on the foot tracing, but that’s another story), so I recently sold them to a good home, and I’m now on a used pair of Riedell 265s that actually fit my gigantic, wonky feet. I made a point of having the Magnums mounted to the 265s, because no way was I parting with those DA45 Magnums. Even attached to ill-fitting boots, I could tell how great the plates were compared to the DynaPros I’d been skating on before them.

So, yeah, I guess that means I’m skating on vintage plates, which, I suspect, essentially makes me a derby hipster.

When I get rich and it’s time for an upgrade, though, I am totally going for the Avengers. Droooooool.


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