Taking Your Own Advice

Yeah, that’s a thing you might actually want to do. “You” being, “me,” in this case.

That ankle I sprained in early-October is angry at me again–not so much for skating itself, but for trying to be a superhero in scrimmage and thusly getting hit a lot. I took a hit a week ago, and thought I’d re-injured my ankle again, because it definitely wasn’t feeling happy for the couple of days following.

So, I can skate just fine, but I can’t take contact right now. Thing is, 3 of the 4 practice I’m supposed to attend are the kind where I’m basically guaranteed to be in a full-contact situation at some point. So, I decided to take my own advice and give my obviously-not-fully-healed ankle a break, and had admin put me on the Injured List.

I went to the doctor this morning, and I learned about Proprioception, which is basically the concept of the body sensing where it is in space, and sending signals back to your brain to adjust for that if it’s needed. It’s what my bad ankle doesn’t really have right now–it’s noticeably slower to react than my good ankle.

He also gave me a Thera-band and a new list of therapy exercises, so a few weeks of diligent home therapy should get me back on the track again. I might go back to endurance or speed skating class earlier than regular practices, but yeah, no contact for me for probably a solid month.

I sat the bench on Thursday, which was kind of depressing, but actually not *as* depressing as I expected it to be. I actually did do pushups. And my fellow brokens had some nice chatting and observations about what was going on in practice. And, jokes may or may not have been made about how two of us could combine our powers and become one fully-functional human being. XD

Watching Saturday practice was a little more depressing, at first, because Smack Ya Sideways was running it, and the drills she’d planned for us looked super-fun. BUT, then the non-brokens scrimmaged during the second hour, and I got to time the penalty box, which I wound up enjoying quite a bit. It’s good to feel useful.

My nefarious plan for my bench time is getting NSO trained on Wednesday nights, since I can’t play in them until my ankle gets better. I’m actually looking forward to it now. Authority looks pretty good on me.


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