Well, that’s just peachy.

I’m in my third week of NOT SKATING AT ALL, and I’m surviving. Thanksgiving and cancelled practices that came with it certainly helped, but it wasn’t easy sitting on the bleachers and watching Wednesday night scrimmage. I did diligently practice scorekeeping, for greater levels of NSO-ing awesome, and it was really, really nice to feel useful.

Every so often, however, my brain meats thought, “goddamn it all, I SHOULD BE OUT THERE.” And in those moments, I wanted nothing more than to throw down that clipboard, strap on my gear, and go hit some bitches.

Buuut, then I thought about the prospect of re-injuring my ankle, and terror caught in my throat. So, yeah, that’d be why I’m not skating. Mr. Crankypants Ankle is still not ready. It *is* doing a lot better with the off-skates time and the at-home PT, though, and I can actually do some hoppy-jumpy things again. I’m hoping another week or two is all it needs.

In other news, I had some bloodwork done recently, and it turns out I’m anemic. Oh boy!

It’s vitamin-deficiency anemia, and based on what the blood tests say, there’s plenty of Vitamin B-12 and Folate in my system, but my body isn’t using it, possibly because it’s not able to convert those things into a usable form. So, there may actually be a reason for why I spend a large portion of my life feeling exhausted. After losing weight, cleaning up my diet, scaling back my commitments and leading a generally-healthy lifestyle, I still get sick often and have severe energy dips. It’s actually kind of a relief to hear that a couple of supplements could bring my energy levels up to a normal level.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep trying to stay rested. A nap sounds really nice right now, in fact, but that’ll have to wait.


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