GUH. I want to be back on the track SO EFFING BAD. It’s gut-wrenching to watch people I skated alongside not long ago, and realize I can’t join them right now. It’s easy to blame yourself for getting hurt–and I’ve done a fair bit of that, off and on–but injury is fairly inevitable in a full-contact sport.

Anyhoo. Wangst will get me nowhere. Penalty box timing, however? That might actually be useful. Tonight, I ran Penalty Box Lead for the 2nd hour, and was educated in what to do when a jammer gets a longer-than-one-minute penalty, and the other jammer gets sent to the box.

I thought I knew the rules pretty well already–you have to, to be draft-eligible–but there are myriad special cases, many of which I’m sure I have yet to be exposed to.  I’m also weirdly curious about being trained for on-skates reffing, but I’m sure I’d need to have many, many more NSO hours under my belt before that’d be a possibility.

In the meantime? Absorb knowledge, mighty brain meats!


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