Jitters abound!

I have the jitters for a lot of reasons, but the major one is that I’m going to Wreckers tonight, and it’ll be a scrimmage-heavy practice. I AM PLAYING DERBY TONIGHT OMG. It’s been over two months since I skated a derby practice, but I feel pretty primed.

Oh, and last night, I started getting trained to do Action Stats, which is not easy, but it’s also a really fun NSO position. It’s the kind of thing that’s likely to make me a better player, too, because it essentially boils down to watching what happens to/around the jammer, and judging whether it was effective or not.

So, I get to watch a lot of derby, nerd out about gameplay, and do a service for the players–they’ve been begging for action stats at home team games for a while now–and that’s just about the best job I can think of.

Somewhat hilariously, I’ll be doing this position for the season opener. Teehee.


One response to “Jitters abound!

  1. You’ll do great!

    Also, I could really use some of that info on becoming a better jammer. I feel like I am becoming a better blocker and a WORSE jammer. In reality, my whole team is just becoming better blockers and that makes for some rough scrimmage jams.

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