Season 7: OPENED!

YOU GUYS. Did you SEE the season opener last night?

High Rollers versus Betties was an amazing game. If you were foolish enough to leave the Coliseum early, I feel truly sorry for you. TRULY. I was a little confused by some of the choices each team made during the game, but it was exciting as all-get-out.

It was also great to see GnR looking strong, and it was really fun to see folks I skated with on Fresh Meat in their first-ever home team bouts.

It’s going to be an interesting season, folks.

Also, spotting actions for 90 minutes of game (or 1.5 bouts) can really make your eyes hurt, but it still wasn’t a bad job in the slightest. JK Rolling was also on-hand to help steer our newbie Action Stats ship, and having an excuse to sit next to a crazy-experienced travel team skater during a game? That’s also a decidedly not-bad-at-all thing.

AND, on a totally personal note, I haven’t yet blogged about HOW COMPLETELY ECSTATIC I AM TO BE SKATING AGAIN WOOOOO (pro tip: all-caps means shouting!), because I’ve been up to my ears in housing ads, looking for a new place to live. Yesterday, I got approved for a beautiful one! So, yeah, I’ll be moving next weekend, and then, I get to relax and maybe do some actual blogging, instead of using every spare moment of free time I have trolling Craigslist.

So, yeah, Saturday was a damned fine day. A sign of things to come, I hope!


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