SO. I’ve been skating with Wreckers for about a week and a half, and I’m SO HAPPY TO BE BACK. I’m still kind of scared of lateral movement, but my ankle feels physically fine. That’s a mental block I can get past, and I’m working on it.

The suck part will be training back up to my pre-injury condition. Playing with Wreckers is definitely not the meat grinder of playing with Team skaters, and I definitely don’t have the endurance to jam for a full two minutes anymore. Still, I made some pretty good plays as a blocker during that first scrimmage back, and I jammed twice and got out of the pack first both times. (second time was last jam overtime, so I didn’t technically get Lead) I don’t think it’d have mattered how I performed, though, because I was just that happy to be doing derby again. I needed that practice, down to my very soul. I’m sure that sounds corny as hell, but it’s not an exaggeration.

Anyhoo, the Season Opener did stir a few weird emotions in me. It was definitely a bit odd seeing some of my fellow Meaties skating in the bout–namely, the people who were eligible for the special draft that was the final straw in my decision to step down from Fresh Meat. I’d have been eligible for that draft, if I hadn’t been injured and off-skates for over a month when it was announced.

But, you know, I’m so deliriously happy to be skating again that, ultimately, it just didn’t matter. I’m a little sad to not be drafted right now, yes, but I will be. I’ll be getting back onto Fresh Meat in just a few short weeks. I’m just, y’know, not the most patient person, sometimes.

In other news, the cleanse is going pretty swimmingly. I feel really happy and energetic, which is equal parts bizarre and fantastic. I got to start eating cheese again a few days ago, and OH GOD I MISSED THAT. I’m so very glad I don’t have any sensitivity to dairy. Coffee, on the other hand… WOW. I had one (ONE!) Americano on Sunday and that sent me bouncing off to Caffeine Land, and then woke up at 6:15am yesterday for no reason whatsoever. Yeah, definitely downgrading to single-shot Americanos for a while.

I’m going to at least try to stay off of gluten for another couple of weeks before trying that again (per my naturopath’s recommendation), but testing sugars soon should be, um, interesting. I know that refined sugars really mess up my system, so I’ll be toying with things like maple and agave syrup and seeing if they make me loopy in the same way.

Oh, and I have a new house to move into, so I’m moving this coming weekend! Looking for a new place to live has been immensely stressful and time-consuming, so while I’ve really missed being on Fresh Meat, it’s probably also a bit of a blessing that I didn’t have February draft looming over my head while I was flipping out about whether I’d be able to find a new house by February 1st.

So, yeah: Back at derby! Feeling awesome! Lost 8 pounds! New House! HELL YES.



  1. yoganabisari

    I totally get that. Some practices are really needed down to your very soul.

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