Spreading the gospel

So, you know that rad chick who writes about derby for the Portland Mercury? Through some weird twist of fate (namely, being invited to the Merc’s holiday party by My Awesome Boyfriend, who wrote this equally-awesome feature for them a month or so ago), I was briefly introduced to her. For some reason, when people introduce me to their friends, they love to mention right out of the gate that I play roller derby. I guess that wins a few Cool Points for me, and maybe even a few for them by proxy?

Anyhoo, this lovely writer lady was visibly fascinated upon hearing this, and The Boyfriend told me after we left the party that he thought she was something of a closet super-fan.

Within the few days following, she and I began following each other on The Twitters. Sometime after that, she Tweeted about something derby-related, and an exchange began which led to me basically saying, “hey, you should totally come to Wreckers sometime and try playing derby yourself!”

Usually, when I say this to people I know, they backpedal and say, “I can’t skate,” or “I think that’s too rough for me,” and hey, I get that. A few years ago, I’d have said the same thing they do. She, however, said, “I just might.”

Last Friday, she came down to the hangar to help the Heathers and Wreckers load the skate floor for transport to our season opener at the Coliseum, which is something only a few of our most devoted fans and volunteers are willing to take on. She also recognized me first, because I’m a jerk and I had her bewigged Twitter avatar burned into my brain, so in my head, she had bright red hair. In reality, not so much. (oops)

THEN, a few days ago, she hopped on the RCR forums and added her to the contact list… as a Wrecker.

I haven’t seen her on-skates yet, but: I told somebody that they should try derby, and she might actually have taken my advice?!

I really like that. Just sayin’.


One response to “Spreading the gospel

  1. Courtney Ferguson

    What the what!! I feel famous. I totally took your advice. I’ve been wanting to join Wreckers for a long time, but I was nervous/scared/excited/too dumb not to have done it sooner. I’m so glad I did.

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