Lesson Learned

Lesson learned yesterday: Draft night can be really, really upsetting, even when you’re not eligible for draft.

Suffice it to say, I’m sad, and maybe even a little angry. I love my once-and-future Fresh Meat companions (Class of December 2011!), and I hate seeing things go down this way. At league scrimmage on Wednesday, I could see how much they’ve improved just in the couple of months since I went on injury leave, and I know how hard they’ve worked, and remember how far WE worked, when we were still skating together. It hurts, knowing that.

I mean, I guess I am sort of happy that I’ll get to skate with them again, but I’d give that up in a hot second, if it meant that even one of them would snag the draft pick they so richly deserve.

Something needs to change. Policy, number of home teams, I don’t know what, but hopefully it does, and soon. There are too many excellent skaters, and not enough space for them.


3 responses to “Lesson Learned

  1. yoganabisari

    Awww Spocker! I get to skate with you though, so yay! Oh and its c/o Dec 2010. ;o)

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