Not Looking Stupid

When photos are taken of me doing derby things, I tend to look barely-competent at best, or half-cross-eyed and clueless at worst. I mean, I don’t think I’m a bad player (not the best by any means, but not bad, either), but you probably wouldn’t guess it if you only had photos to go on.

And, well, I have a tendency to make all the ridiculous faces I can think of when a camera’s pointed at me in any situation, much less one involving derby. I’m a secret ham, I’ll admit it.

But, some photos were taken during Wreckers practice and scrimmage yesterday, and I actually look competent not just in one or two, but the majority of the shots I’m in. Maybe that means my game is getting better? Eh, you never know. Either way, I feel like this is a landmark occasion, heh.

I also went to my first speed/endurance training session since my injury, a few days ago, and not surprisingly, I loved it. It’s about exactly three things: your skating form, how hard you can push yourself, and for how long. I’ve missed that so, so much, which is probably good, because I need to do that about a billion more times.

Speed class also happens on Mondays. You can probably guess where I’ll be tomorrow night.


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