Playing With Boys

I somehow managed to talk My Awesome Boyfriend and a couple of his friends in Eugene to hit up The Big O Tournament tomorrow! For someone who used to live there and still has friends down that way, I rarely go to Eugene anymore, so this is the perfect excuse to get down there for an overnight stay, visit with people, and see some derby.

I also signed up to do some co-ed scrimmage there tomorrow, and that’s a little scary. I’ve done a couple of scrimmages with Wreckers since I got back on-skates, but the last time I skated with boys? That resulted in the Band-Aid Mustache incident. Fortunately, I’ve gotten a lot better at derby since then, so I’m not really *that* worried.

I think I’m more concerned that I’m skating for 4 hours tonight, and then going dancing afterwards for a friend’s birthday, because that’s a whole damn lot of activity. My friend Alyson promised me there would be glitter cannons and jumping out of a cake, though. (yes, literally) So, eh, I’ll bring an extra Larabar or three.


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