Two months (?!) ago, when I officially left Fresh Meat and resigned myself to loafing around with an injury, I wasn’t sure when this day would be. It had been close to two months since I’d sprained my ankle in early October, and the ankle still wasn’t at 100%, even with inactivity, acupuncture, and quality time with my Theraband. It probably didn’t help that I’d sprained that same ankle twice before over the past 7 or 8 years, just doing stupid everyday things.

Now, Fresh Meat tryouts are here again, and I’ll be making my comeback. I’ve been back on-skates for a scant couple of weeks, and you know? I’m feeling pretty positive about it. It’s true: your body and your brain don’t forget how to skate after you take some time off. Sure, your endurance and strength will probably take a hit–mine certainly did–but the skills will still be there.

I certainly wish I didn’t have a lingering case of Teh Sick to contend with today, but it’ll be all right. And hey, things are different now than they were before my injury, in that good way:

  • I have a nicely rehab-ed ankle that actually feels stronger than the uninjured one. (yeah, I should try to even that out over these next several weeks)
  • I’m ten pounds leaner, thanks to clean eating! And, I actually have a good idea of how I can fit that into a busy lifestyle, so the added stress of FM won’t fatten me back up again.
  • I’m cross-training like a mofo. Thanks to this and the lost weight, I can actually sort of see my abs again. I’ll take that as a good sign.
  • I’m fully self-employed now, which makes me less overworked, and generally less miserable than I was having a day job with a side business.
  • I have a renewed sense of determination, thanks to sitting on my ass for over two months and being emo about the fact that I couldn’t skate.

It’s not going to be any easier the second time around, but I’m ready for all of the hard knocks that are coming my way.

Let’s get this.


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