So. Much. Derby.

I say this like it’s a bad thing, but no, it’s actually downright awesome. Well, unless you pair it with being sick, and then a weekend that involves working for most of it… that kind of puts a damper on things. (I’m not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to overcommitment, if you hadn’t noticed) BUT, even then, it’s pretty great.


Thursday: Fresh Meat tryouts! I wasn’t worried once I got there, but I have to admit, I was sweating it a little, beforehand. Going through a workday with that looming on the horizon didn’t exactly boost my productivity.

But, I did beat tryouts and make it back onto Fresh Meat, with nine other fabulous ladies! Tryouts have become much tougher than they were my first time, too, so it actually does feel like a bit of an achievement. Seriously, if my first tryouts were as difficult as what we did on Thursday night, I’m 95% certain I wouldn’t have been allowed to complete the entire tryout. So, hey, my first time on Fresh Meat was clearly not a waste, because I have improved. There’s still plenty left to go, yes, but damnit, it’s achievable.

Friday: Rosebuds! I got to learn Rinxter scorekeeping on the fly, because everything is better when it’s computerized. No, seriously: it’s *really* cool that we can make bout stats available overnight, when it used to take much longer and required much more annoying paperwork. Between that and my left-hander’s dislike of using pencils for scorekeeping, I’m already a super-fan of Rinxter.

Saturday: Fresh Meat Practice! One of my fellow Class of Dec 2010 Meaties made the comment, “we could be skating together again as early as Saturday!” and I thought, “wait. Can I do that?” Fortunately, we got an e-mail late-Friday saying that new Meaties could go to practice, so of COURSE I went. I did that and an hour of Wreckers, got a gnarly blister, and also some lovely bruises from throwing sternum-busters (pictured).

It’s good to be back, y’all.

Saturday Night: HRMF vs GnR! I’d originally had very-important plans for that evening, but they were cancelled at the last minute, so I got to watch the bout and do Action Stats. I was ultimately pretty happy that worked out, because I was really curious to see how the newer, stronger GnR performed against one of last season’s top-ranked teams.

They didn’t disappoint, either. There were multiple lead changes, and neither team would let the other run away with the lead. I love both teams, so I’d have been happy no matter who won, but it’ll be pretty interesting to see how GnR develops over the course of this season.

P.S. Still super-love doing Action Stats. Teehee. Best job ever.

Saturday Night: After-Party! I didn’t stay for very long, because I had to shoot with a client the next morning, and was also trying to get Teh Sick out of my system, so to say I was “tired” would’ve been a massive understatement.

That said, the Heathers’ Anti-Valentine’s Day shindig was a serious-business production. The jams were, indeed, Hot, the drinks were tasty, the games were, uh, colorful, and Toxic Haste did my tarot reading. (business is going to be good for me! The cards say so!)

Oh, and there’s the part where I took a ride on this:

I was the first lady to get strapped in for a ride on The Wheel of Misfortune! Maybe it’s just the fact that I have an iron stomach and nothing makes me ill, but I thought it was pretty fun. I won a Free Spin and a spanking for my trouble.

Sunday: Off-Skates and Orientation! There’d been some changes since the last time I’d been able to go to Sunday Off-Skates Training–it’s been rather nice to do off-skates training on my own time, honestly–and there’s now a new trainer. I’m always a little skeptical, because I do know a thing or three about cross-training, but Beefcake Mike got the job done. Or at least, that’s what my sore abs said the next morning. (ow.)

Orientation was… orienting? I’d heard a lot of it before, thanks to being a former Meatie, but there were some changes to the requirements that are going to be really, really nice. I like the idea of having the power to make the most of my practices by choosing what practices will make the most of my time. And more time for cross-training, retaining sanity, and preventing injury? YES PLEASE.

It’s felt a little weird not going to the hangar these past couple of days, but no rest: I’ll be there tonight learning inside whiteboard, just in time for this weekend’s Heathers vs. Betties.


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