Who’s Making Spocker Their Bitch Today?

I’ve said more than once that cross-training is super-important for any skater (which it is), and it doesn’t have to be wildly complicated. Cross-training can be as simple as incorporating a different form of exercise than skating, something that uses different muscles and evens out your body.

I, however, am the type who’s usually short on time and attention span, so I want to get the most bang for my buck, in the least amount of time. SO, I thought I’d share some of the painful and awesome wonders I’ve been inflicting upon myself.

First, I’d like you to say hello to Jillian Michaels.

Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking: “wait, she’s that super-tough trainer from The Biggest Loser who yells at everyone, right?” Well, that’s half-right. They definitely cast Jillian in a certain light on The Biggest Loser, but her non-BL workouts are decidedly less yell-y, and she gets to behave more like an actual human being than her warped-by-reality-show persona. The nice thing, however, is that she still retains her no-nonsense attitude. I like that because, well, I like pushing myself, and she’s very up-front about the fact that you have to push yourself and put in the work in order to get results.

And did I mention the workouts are also crazy-effective? I’ve done several of her DVDs, and they’re all pretty ass-kicking, and I even tried out the full diet-and-exercise program in her book, Making The Cut, and that summer saw me at my lowest weight of my entire adult life. (unfortunately, I no longer have free gym access, and I also like to eat out and have a beer every once in a while, so I probably won’t be getting that skinny again, but hey, I’m okay with that.)

The DVDs are a nice way to do some cross-training at home, on your own time, and the ones I come back to most often are Ripped In 30, and 30-Day Shred. They’re basically a high-intensity, circuit training workout, and it’s full-body, so you can expect to be doing plenty of work on your upper-body and core, and also getting some cardio benefit in. The super-bonus? Both DVDs have multiple workouts, building up from week to week, and each is only 20 minutes long, with a couple of extra minutes for warmup and cooldown.

If you’re willing to work hard, and aren’t sure where to start with your cross-training, grab a couple of DVDs, and get yourself some hand weights (or even make your own), and start getting your ass kicked!


2 responses to “Who’s Making Spocker Their Bitch Today?

  1. Josh said that her Kettle Bell video is notorious for being the worst one out there. So just make sure you are careful with anything she does involving weights, since it’s so important to do those right.

    • Yeah, I think she bit off more than she could chew with the kettlebell stuff, but her workouts prior to that involved pretty standard lifts, rows, presses. She likes to use bodyweight-only moves a lot of the time, too, which is nice for those of us who don’t want to by a bunch of gear.

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