“Do we care about safety, or about looking fabulous?”

A week or so ago, I was in a commercial for Sock Dreams. They’ve been sponsors of Filmed By Bike for quite a few years, and made plans to do a commercial in keeping with the theme–a festive assortment of people on bikes! I’m acquainted with the fine lady who does marketing and outreach for their retail shop in Sellwood, and when she mentioned they were filming a promotional spot, I said I’d gladly bring my bike and my shiny derby hiney out to be part of their bike mob for the shoot. I even tried to rally a few other derby girls to join the bike mob, but we lost out on a lot of potential stars, because the commercial was shot while many of our skaters were at Wild West Showdown.

Then, a week or two after that conversation happened, I got an e-mail saying, “if you want to be principal in the commercial on Sunday, it’s yours.” So, I jiggered my schedule around and made it work, and I was set to star in the commercial with a fine gentleman from The Alter Egos Society. (speaking of which: dressing up as a superhero/villain and going on a pub crawl? So. Much. FUN. I love Alter Egos Society.)

So, I dragged myself out of bed on Sunday morning, and met up with a motley group, including my Alter-Ego-ed co-star and some of the cast from Trek in the Park, and spent the next 5 1/2 hours wearing my derby gear, pedaling around in tiny pink shorts, and acting really, REALLY excited about socks.

The filming itself was pretty fun. There were logistics to be worked out, there was coffee and muffins, and a lot of repetition, but everyone was in good spirits, and we got things done more quickly than you’d expect. It wasn’t anywhere near as cold outside as we were warned it’d be, and the sun came out! Which, well, was good and bad, actually–my photographer brain knows that mid-day sunlight doesn’t exactly make for beautiful filming conditions, but it *did* feel pretty nice to bike around in it.

In the last few shots, we really learned to hate cars–no matter which out-of-the-way, quiet-seeming street we chose to film on, it seemed like some Sunday driver would take a shortcut down it. Other than giving an opening for the obligatory, “CAR! …GAME ON!” joke, it was kind of annoying to have to move out of the way every single time a car went by, and then re-set the shot.

I also learned that, on some rare days, I really, really crave naps. I didn’t get one on this day, and I could seriously have used one. (Pro tip: going to an awesome space-themed party the night before filming a commercial? Not so great a plan.)

I’m glad I’ve been eating all healthy and such lately, because damn, I look pretty cute. Also, please don’t hate me for my lack of kneepads. At least I had a proper helmet!

And, without further ado, here’s the commercial:


2 responses to ““Do we care about safety, or about looking fabulous?”

  1. Love both the lead up as well as the commercial! Just another reason I need to make it up to your location in Portland. Maybe I’ll even get to stop by on my way up to Seattle for the NW Tea Festival in September (I think that’s when it is, ha!).

    As a matter of fact, purchasing a few pairs of socks from you is on my list of things to accomplish this year on Accompl.sh, so it would just be achieving my goals! 😉

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