That other thing I do: Design!

I get a fair number of questions about what my actual job is… which is fair, because I did have a full-time web design/dev job and a part-time photography business for over four years. That was more than a little exhausting.

Fortunately, things are a lot less confusing, now, and my work can be summed up as this:

The short version: Design, photography, and geekery for local entrepreneurs.

The slightly longer version: I do logo design, photography, and web design and development for Portland small businesses, fashion and jewelry designers, service providers, and creatives. If it’s something that will smarten up your brand, make your web presence sing, and/or generally make you look awesome, I probably do it.

Why do I bring this up today? Because I got to design a logo for a derby-related web site that my dear friend Beater Venkman** has created:

I wrote about it on my professional blog, so you should really go there and learn more about the DerbyCoaching project. And, y’know, maybe check out my work, while you’re at it. 😉

** Venkman and I share our Derby-versary–when she still lived in Portland, she and I went to our first Intro to Roller Derby class together, bought our gear on the same day, and joined Wreckers together a couple of weeks later. I miss her face, and she needs to come visit sometime soon so we can skate together again. ❤


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