First Bout!

YOUGUYS. I didn’t expect to be saying it quite this soon, but: I’M BOUTING THIS WEEKEND.

The Coos County Rockin’ Roulettes are apparently short on skaters for their bout on Saturday night, versus the Rainier Roller Girls (in their first public bout!). One of the girls who used to skate with me here at RCR knows them and has guest bouted with them before, and she put out the call for a couple of extra girls to skate on Saturday.

I said yes.

So, yeah, shortly after I wrap up at Fresh Meat practice, I’ll be grabbing a carpool up to Seattle and playing an actual game as a guest skater! They’re even making a shirt for me with my number on it. D’awww!

Nervous. EXCITED. Hoping my kidney-area stops aching by then. (it will) But yeah, mostly the first two.


One response to “First Bout!

  1. yoganabisari

    I absolutly love that it’s been only a month since you have been back on FM and you skated in your first bout! This blog will serve as an inspiration to anyone who does not believe in come backs. So stoked for you Spocker!

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