Championships! Woo!

I’ve been a bad blogger, but unless you A) don’t know a thing a bout derby, or B) live under a rock, you’ve probably heard: tonight is Season 7 Championships! Will the Betties repeat their 2011 season with a Champs victory, or will the High Rollers take it back? I have my idle predictions, but I’ll leave you to yours.

I’ll be on-stage, doing NSO laptoppy things on Rinxter, looking slightly like death-warmed-over in a snappy outfit. Lineups is not my favorite NSO position in the world, but I’m going to have an awesome-tacular view of the bouts, so hey, no complaints, right?

AND, some of my newly-drafted Meatie friends are playing tonight! Nabi, Irie, and Slay: y’all know I’ll be cheering my face off for you. But, y’know, on the inside. Because Stats is SRS BSNS. 😉


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