Oh, hey, there went July.

Things that have happened since I last posted:

  • Finally, finally got cleared to practice with home teams, and subsequently became draft-eligible.
  • Did about eleventy-billion photoshoots in July–it’s good to get work!
  • Celebrated my 2-year derby anniversary by… working. Yeah, I had zero time for skating on my derby-versary. It’s a travesty, I agree.
  • Got a fancy breathable scrimmage shirt with my name and number on it, AND a logo I designed on the front. DerbySpot is going to be awesome!
  • Was sort-of-outed among my Meaties as a wushu “master” when this video came up on the Google. Some days, I still miss my swordy times.
  • Finally finished Dragon Age. Stabbing the hell out of the final boss may or may not have made me 2 minutes late to practice. I thought I could kill it faster, you guys!
  • Had my work published in the Portland Mercury. If you count their blog, that makes three times in one month, even. Special snowflake!
  • Started learning how to do NSO Penalty Tracking! It’s a lot (A LOT) to keep track of, but I like the challenge. Derby’s full of things like that: difficult, but challenging in a way that keeps you coming back.
  • Shot a wedding, even though I don’t market myself as a wedding photographer anymore. It’s exactly as exhausting as I remembered, but working the right couple makes it exhausting AND fun.
  • Had a skater shoved into me during a drill, knocking my legs out from under me and giving me my first-ever case of whiplash. I’ve never fallen like that in my life, but I seemed to be okay overall. Judging from my incredibly-depressed and overly-emotional mood in the week-or-so following that, however, it’s possible I had a bit of a concussion, too.

So, yeah. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about making people look pretty. I’m thinking about the 1-year anniversary of my little creative company, and how I might celebrate that. I’m thinking about web sites I need to prettify, and cool ideas I need to make time for. And yet, I still think about derby every night, as I fall asleep. Derby thoughts make it pretty difficult to fall asleep, by the way.

The think I’m doing my damnedest to NOT think about? DRAFT. It’s less than a month away, and the amount of mental fuckery you can do to yourself in that amount of time is insane.

I’m feeling good about my progress, and, mini-concussion notwithstanding, I’m doing good work during my skate time. I definitely have my theories about what’s going to happen on Draft Night, and there’s only so much social headway I can make with the teams in that amount of time, but eh, whatever. I feel good about my skating, and I intend to keep it that way.

And now, here are some pretty pictures I made, because I can.

Straight Up


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