Officially Dazed

I really meant to write something after Derby Daze, but last week nearly killed me with stress. SO, in short:

  • It was my first year doing Derby Daze, and that much derby in one weekend was exhausting, amazing fun.
  • I learned a ton, and my little Moleskine notebook is full of notes that I scribbled down after each workshop.
  • Working outside whiteboard at WOJ vs. Minnesota was challenging–mostly because Minnesota put up a hell of a fight in the first half. Good derby is distracting!
  • Thanks to the good graces of my roommates, I hosted two ladies from BC at my place–from the Rink Minx Rollergirls–and also introduced them to the majesty of burgers and poutine (and delicious Portland beer) at Kay’s.
  • I learned a new Rinxter position at the AoA vs. Skatesaphrenics bout–one that’s easy enough, unless you screw it up. Fortunately, I didn’t screw up. Computer skillz!
  • Derby Daze also gave me a newfound hatred for early mornings. 6:00am and I will never, ever be friends.
  • Due to the above, and also not being able to fall asleep, I literally spent more time skating than sleeping that weekend. WOW.

ANYHOO, the dazed feeling continues, because part of the whole being-super-stressed thing last week was preparing to skip town for my annual pilgrimage to Penny Arcade Expo, a glowy, flashy wonderland of gamestuff and bad network reception. I did a lot of nerd things, like demoing Star Trek Catan, buying pretty dice, playing new board games with my friends, and watching Wil Wheaton play D&D on stage with the Penny Arcade guys and Scott Kurtz. (which is hilarious, by the way)

This year was shorter than years past, for me, because I had derby practice on Thursday night, so I couldn’t leave until Friday morning. Oh, AND I also left early on Sunday so I’d get back in time for Endurance practice, because skipping Endurance is always a bad decision. Well, and also because there was a Fresh Meat End-of-Summer BBQ after practice. This was the first time I’ve been to PAX and not stayed until the bitter end. Yeah, I gave up precious nerd prom minutes for derby. Derby, that’s how you know I love you.

Fortunately, my awesome boyfriend didn’t disown me for making us arrive late and leave early from PAX. He might have been a little upset, though. WROUGHT WITH EMOTIONS, even:

Here are some other pictures of things that happened at PAX, because I can:

Green Ranger helps Pink Ranger put on her helmet. D’aww.

People in all manner of dress play old-school Final Fantasy games.

Portland’s own Ground Kontrol brought the pinball and arcade madness to PAX.

…oh, and there might be a little thing called Draft happening later this week. But, you know, no big deal or anything. Yeah, it’ll be totally easy to forget about that. I almost forgot about it just now when I was writing that sentence. Wait, what were we talking about again?

(HURHURHUR. That there was sarcasm, by the way. Seriously, send me all of your best lolcat pictures on Thursday. I’ll need them.)


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