Draft? Oh yeah, that’s today.

Yep, it’s draft day. Nothing like starting it with a big ol’ sweaty workout, right? (yep, I just did that.)

As I just told my homies on Facebook, I’m totally mellow right now, but I’ll probably have a heart attack 5 minutes before the calls start rolling in, heh. My nerves don’t last long, but when they come, they hit pretty hard. Fortunately, I’ll be out on a job for most of the afternoon, so that’s less time to sit around and be antsy.

My derby twin Beater Venkman (who’s coming to visit later this month, wheeee!) gave me the best good vibes: I hope all the teams are experiencing draft anxiety, worried that they won’t get to draft you before the others! Awwww yeeeah. I’m a limited-edition release, teams! Buy now while supplies last!

But seriously, no matter the outcome, I’ll be having beers. This Meatie squad is full of talent and drive, and there are a lot of deserving people to fill those open spots. Thing is, even if it’s not tonight, we’ll all get there. It’s not an If, it’s a When.

Either way, I get to keep training with awesome people. Super-win.


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