Good Feelings and Bullets

Since I’m getting over the latest plague, and will probably have not-so-much fun at scrimmage tonight due to my splitting sinus headache, I’m going to pop in for a moment and note that I’ve been having THE MOST FUN at Wednesday night scrimmage.

Home Team Scrimmages are back, now that travel team season is over, and I’ve skated in my first two of them, so far. Thanks to my ankle injury, I’d never previously been cleared for Home Team Scrimmage at a time when they were actually happening, and I remember sitting here late last year, wondering what skating in Wednesday Nights would be like, and feeling a certain amount of terror at the prospect. That terror was probably legit–team skaters at RCR do not mess around.

In retrospect, I’m almost glad I didn’t skate in these scrimmages until now. Two Wednesdays ago, I expected to be terrified, and some of my newer Meatie friends were nervous. Thing is, I found that I wasn’t scared when I went out onto the track–well, okay, maybe a little, but nothing I couldn’t shrug off. It simply felt like another day at scrimmage… just, y’know, with people I don’t usually skate with. It’s been pretty amazing how well things have clicked, given that I’m not teammates with these skaters, and I’ve felt pretty confident about how I’m skating. I’ve done a few notable things so far. And, I’m dead-certain that, as a player, I’m miles ahead of where I was at this time last year.

It’s sort of a weird silver lining to the injury–it gave me a lot of perspective that I brought into my training, and although the extra wait time was incredibly frustrating, I spent that time well. I built my strength and skating skills, and learned my way around the game much better through watching and NSOing.

It’s really, really nice to put a lot of work into something, over a long period of time, and start seeing that work pay off.

UNRELATED. Since my Atom Lowboys are chunking out after 2 1/2 months, I tried out some Radar Bullets in 93a, and you know what? They are highly sexy.

Seriously, I really like these wheels. They’re nicely grippy, and being a little bit lower to the ground isn’t too shabby, either. I did notice that I was working a little harder to get speed–I get tired more quickly when I’m jamming–but I suspect that has more to do with my switching from a harder wheel to a softer one, than it does the wheel’s size. Being a heavier skater, I was also wondering how the “shark” hubs would hold up compared to metal hubs, but they seem to be doing the job nicely so far.

Note that I’m only vouching for the 93a, and I definitely recommend testing them out for yourself before buying. I’ve heard at least one, “I hate these!” review of the 95a, and that was from someone who liked the 93a about as much as I did. BUT, yes, I will say that I love the 93a Bullets and kind of want to marry them.

Now, if my boots can just hold out a bit longer…


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