Photo-Making Month (#2): Real Sweat Gets Messy

Hi guys. I owe this blog so, so many posts, but October slipped away from me in a blurry mish-mash of illnesses, baking experiments, costume projects, and birthday/Halloween parties.

Anyhoo, my serious-business writer friends doing NaNoWriMo inspired me to embark on a visual equivalent: A Photo Making Month. I’m aiming to shoot, edit, and post 50 photos this month, and although I won’t post all of them here, this one seemed sort of relevant:

Photo-Making Month (2) - Real Sweat Gets Messy

Photo-Making Month (#2) – Real Sweat Gets Messy. Cross-training is something I don’t take lightly, especially after injuring my ankle last Fall. I’m usually sweating buckets by the end of a workout. And, unlike every sporting goods advertisement you’ve ever seen, real sweat isn’t perfect little beads on skin, that came from a spray bottle in a light, gentle mist. It leaks out of every pore in a salty, sticky, shirt-soaking slop. Real sweat gets messy, but it brings a little dash of pride along with it.


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