An Ending and A Beginning


I’m positively floored to be saying that I’M A HIGH ROLLER! I’m now part of an amazing, experienced team, and I’ll be joining with two of the kindest Meaties I could ever have asked for. They even had a green and gold shirt ready with my name and number on it, waiting to welcome me.

It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet–maybe it will tomorrow, when I realize I don’t have to get up early for Saturday Fresh Meat practice, or on Monday, when I have my first actual team practice with my team.

And, just, wow. I get to say, “my team,” now. That’s weird. But, you know, in that good way.

It’s been a long and difficult journey to getting drafted, and it’s still a bit surreal that it’s finally happened. I’ve been on Fresh Meat for almost two years–minus those few months when I was injured and then waiting for the next opportunity to re-tryout–and it’s hard to wrap my brain around the idea that I won’t be, anymore. I nearly started crying this morning, at the thought of leaving my Meatie family. It’s the end of this story, and I’m being hit by all the nostalgia that comes with that.

It’s also, however, the beginning of a new story–are we going to make this an epic trilogy? Heh.–and the anticipation and excitement of that is whacking me upside the head, too. I’m headed into the unknown, and it’s a little scary, but I’m glad I’m going on this adventure. We’re going to see how many mountains we can climb together. My man-friend said this morning that I’m acting like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and, yeah, it’s true. I’ve been wound-up with tension, both derby- and non-derby-related, for the past several weeks, and last night was the best I’ve slept in probably a solid month.

So relieved. SO EXCITED.

And I really, really couldn’t have made it this far without the beyond-wonderful people who stuck by me along the way. I want to explode with happy just thinking about them.

I don’t even know what else to say. So much love.

My super-best bitch and first-day-of-derby sister Nabi, and me with my Muppet face. That is the face of excitement, y’all. 😉


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