Catching up

WELL. We have a lot to catch up on since I last posted, eh? A lot has changed in the 6-or-so months since then:

  • Several people retired from my home team, after last season’s championships, and they left some pretty big shoes to fill.
  • After skating through the summer, I’ve gotten a lot more time on the track in the 2014 season than I did in 2013. I even got to jam, occasionally. (I’m unreasonably happy about having actual stats in my Rinxter tab. Nerrrrrd.)
  • Our league doubled up the home team schedule, which has meant a lot of bouting–to the point of it being fairly exhausting, at times.
  • I tried out for Travel Team, and despite my total lack of expectations for the day, I actually made it onto our B Team! WUT.
  • I started a new job around the same time as starting Travel Team, which led to a lot of exhaustion, isolation, and burnout feelings. (you can probably guess how much you’d feel like blogging about roller derby when it feels like that’s the ONLY thing you’re doing, heh.)
  • My derby wife moved back to Portland! (and there was much rejoicing)
  • I got my first taste of international roller derby, when Auld Reekie came all the way from Scotland for tournament, and scrimmaged our B Team the Wednesday prior!
  • Travel Team went down to Eugene (a.k.a. my old stomping grounds from 1997-2006) for The Big O, and had an awesome time playing, watching, and talking about derby with my teammates, my wifey, my main squeeze, and all the awesome leaguemates who came down to support us. Talk about giving burnout a good swift kick in the ass. 😉

Anyhoo, I fully intend to blog about how awesome The Big O was, in the near future. But until then, a sneak preview of what’s to come:


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