A few of my favorite things about derby

Inspired by these last two weekends of bouting:

  • Doing your ritual, whatever it is, to get pumped up for a bout. On an ideal day, I like to watch kung fu movies and paint my nails–the kung fu is a one-two punch (hurhurhur!) of inspiration that comes with watching people do amazing thing with their bodies, and also reminding me of where I came from. Wushu paved my way to derby, and I wouldn’t be standing on that track without it.
  • Having an amazing moment of teamwork with your teammate. You’re working together and mentally in sync, sometimes without even having to say anything, and for a brief moment, everything around you almost feels like it’s in slow motion.
  • Sitting on the bench between jams, and seeing your teammates who are on the track be so incredible that you just want to scream your head off and jump up and down and fall over because you’re SO. EXCITED. to see it. Your heart feels like it’s going to explode, but in the most wonderful way.
  • Little kids who are so excited about derby that they practically fall out of their chairs when you skate up to the crowd during halftime to say hello. Especially when they know that you’re supposed to explode your fistbumps. 😉
  • Having someone in your life who, even if they don’t do derby, still knows exactly what you need, and what you need to hear, whether you had a great game or a really upsetting one.

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