4 Years Down, Maybe 4 More…?

Today marks 4 years since my darling Venkman and I embarked on this wacky roller derby journey. We tottered out–I moreso than she–onto the silky wooden floors of Oaks Park skating rink and started learning the basics.

Here we are 4 years later, and a lot has happened. This year, in particular has been eventful.

Venkman moved back to town, after being away in Wisconsin for a large chunk of that 4 years, and hot damn, friendship is magic. ❤

I won my first MVP award during 2014 Season Championships, and only narrowly avoided ugly-crying over it.

And, well, there’s also this:


Let me tell you, that didn’t register in my brain as a real thing that actually happened, until I saw the footage over a week later. Still, that moment is so much of what I love about derby. Sportsmanship is awesome, you guys. ❤

And, tomorrow, I fly away to LA with the rest of Travel Team, to play in two bouts with the travel B-team. My grandparents have tickets to come watch, too. I honestly have no idea if they’ll like it even a little, but they’ll be there!

Just, wow. In two days, my 84-year-old grandpa will be watching me play derby in a city that’s ~1000 miles from my home. I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

It’s kind of staggering to think of how much has happened. I never saw any of this for myself when I started derby, but now, things that once taxed my body and my brain have become instinctual, and being on wheels feels more like a natural state of being than I’d have ever imagined. I remember when I couldn’t turn around backwards, for instance, much less propel myself in that direction, but now backwards blocking is becoming one of my favorite things. And tomorrow, I’m getting on a plane with some of the best skaters in the world, because I get to train with them every single week.

We try a lot of things on a whim in our lives, but there’s no telling when one of those whims might take you somewhere you never expected. It’s nothing short of amazing, when it happens.


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