Things I’ll Never Get Used To

You know what feels utterly preposterous? The idea that I, as a roller derby player, might possibly have fans. Okay, so I have made it onto our league’s All-Star team for the past two seasons, but even with that in mind, having fans feels farfetched. I mean, yes, my non-derby friends who’ve known and liked me for years are my biggest fans, of course. I can accept that. But, having fans as in people whom I don’t know personally? “Cognitive dissonance” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

A friend told me recently that he’d mentioned to a friend that he know a derby player here in town. She asked which one, he dropped my name, and she apparently went, “YOU KNOW HER?! She’s so coooooool!” I thought for certain that it had to be someone I’ve met at least once, but it wasn’t.

Oh, and I’m on a bout poster, which multiple friends and acquaintances of mine have seen out in the wilds of town. I haven’t even seen the darned thing myself, yet, but at least my muscles look huge. Maybe I need to re-think that She-Hulk costume…

But seriously, guys. I will never get used to this sort of thing.



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